I build my versions of OM's and 000's.  Studio recorded samples will be available on the site soon, or I can email you some.    If I don't have the wood of your choice in stock I am fortunate to have sources for the finest woods available in grades up to Master and 5A.  I only build with the finest materials available, which doesn't always mean the most expensive depending on wood species.  Wood choices include: 

For backs/sides:

Brazilian Rosewood

Indian Rosewood

Madagascar Rosewood

Claro Walnut

African Blackwood

Honduran Mahogany

"The Tree" Honduran Mahogany

"The Fiddleback Tree" Honduran Mahogany

Curly/Figured Koa

For Tops:

Adirondack (red) Spruce

Alpine Spruce sourced from Germany, Italy or Austria (your choice)

Western Red Cedar

Sinker Redwood

About fair trade and the environment:  I comply with CITES laws for wood sourcing and am always conscious of wood sustainability and the environment in the sourcing and production of my guitars.

Currently world renowned inlay artist and luthier Harvey Leach works with me for intricate inlay orders.

Price: I deduct the enjoyment I derive from building from the labor costs so the price of one of my guitars is probably less than from other custom builders.  

Delivery date:  I am booked for 2019 deliveries. I am taking orders for guitars to be delivered in early 2020.  

If you are interested in having me build you a guitar, please call me or email me. 


my cell: 925 584-5842