The Man


While George's musical roots included time in the LA music scene in the late 70's recording and socializing with many of the great musicians of the era, he left for a more stable life and hasn't looked back.  A man of strong faith and desire to be at home and not on the road, music shifted from vocation to avocation. From his home in Northern CA he has raised a musical family and remained active in performing, recording, producing, writing and arranging.  And, more recently, building acoustic guitars.

George has played or recorded with many great musicians including Kenny  Loggins, Poco, Jim Keltner (Steely Dan, Paul Simon), Sneaky Pete Kleinow  (Linda Ronstadt, Flying Burroto Brothers), Jim Soldi (Johnny Cash,  Ricky Skaggs), Adrian Tapia (Boz Skaggs), John Best (Glen Miller  Orchestra), and others.



On guitar he has a finger picking style that has evolved with  influence from Chet Atkins, James Taylor, Mark Knofler, and Fred Carter  Jr. He love the voice of a well crafted guitar and tries to get out of  its way and let the guitar sing.

George plays acoustic guitars custom made for him by friend and world renowned luthier James  Olson, and his own Bowen guitars.

His earliest true inspiration as a guitar player was Fred Carter Jr.’s  iconic introduction to Simon & Garfunkel’s The Boxer.  "I remember  the moment I first heard those unpretentious and mysterious notes tumble  from his guitar and it sparked a hunger to master whatever it was he  was doing so that I could touch other people in the way he had touched  me."



Bass was George's first instrument starting with his elementary school orchestra playing double bass.  Influenced by Motown great Chuck Rainey, jazz great Jimmy Johnson, of course Paul McCartney, Alex Al (one of who's basses George owned for a while), Nathan East, and George Hawkins.

George plays a Fodera custom electric 5 string bass, an NS Design electric upright bass, and an acoustic upright bass.

George stays active doing recording session work, and performing bass in worship, jazz, and rock bands.

Solo Performer


George occasionally performs solo sets.  Contact him to find out if he has one planned.



Active as a songwriter, he currently works with an LA label and  two producers writing songs for new and established artists...click here for samples

(photo courtesy of Record Plant Hollywood)

Bowen & Richard


Bowen & Richards released three albums in the 70's and 80's receiving praise in trade publications including Billboard magazine, covers by other artists, but modest sales.  Click here  for more and B & R.