Bowen & Richards


Bowen and Richards​ - Performed  as a duo and as the Bowen and Richards Band in venues from coffee shops  to coliseums in Southern California from 1974 through 1979. B&R  released their first album on Ranwood Records in 1976 followed by their  second album in 1978.   During that time George and Paul performed  on and produced albums for other artists as well as radio ad  spots.  They got back together in 1982 to produce a three song project,  titled EVOLUTION at the Record Plant in Hollywood.  From those projects three songs were produced that went on to be covered by other recording artists.

Reunion Concert, Ashland, Oregon, 2015




BOWEN AND RICHARDS, Bowen and Richards, Ranwood Records, 1976

WHITE ALBUM, Bowen and Richards, Shooting Stars Productions, 1978

EVOLUTION at the Record Plant, Bowen and Richards, Shooting Stars Productions, 1982



Monique  Ranwood R-1049 1976

Heartache  Ranwood ‎– R-1062 1976

Annie  Ranwood R-1049 1976

Cia  Ranwood ‎– R-1062 1976


Bowen and Richards (self-titled first album) Ranwood Records, 1976

Bowen and Richards II, White Album, 1978

Evolution at the Record Plant, 1982